Too Sexy for YouTube?

On December 20, 2007 the video for single "Shake That Body" from new solo artist P.I. (Paul Ingram) was removed from YouTube. The video was uploaded on YouTube on November 7, 2007 and no one associated with the Track Pusha camp thought that the video or lyrics from reggae-dancehall artist Elephant Man who is featured on the track were explicit or offensive. However, the account was closed stating inappropriate content.

P.I. who has been in the music industry as a member of various bands for the last few years, has now started his solo career. The young artist from Chicago with a silky smooth sound has moved to Atlanta to take his career to the next level. When his single "Shake That Body" was released P.I. was ecstatic and with the completion of the now controversial video to the single, P.I. was now ready to take on the world with his new album "Just the Basics". When the account was removed from YouTube citing inappropriate nature and nothing else, P.I. and Track Pusha Productions, his producer were shocked.

"The video features hot girls dancing and P.I." stated a spokesperson for Track Pusha, "YouTube has showcased a lot more than beautiful women dancing on their site." While YouTube has not been available for comment, the video "Shake That Body" is still scheduled to be released on MTV, BET and VH1.

Source http://www.mp3.com

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